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"There is little sense in attempting to change external conditions, you must first change inner beliefs, then outer conditions will change accordingly."
Brian Adams


Are you ready
to use two powerful tools to help your clients break through barriers, increase success and learn how to respond more effectively to internal and external triggers? If you are a coach, developing a coaching practice, or health care professional and have taken the Winning With Your Inner Coach™ Introduction Workshop, then you are ready to learn how to share the Mirror and The Spiral Alliance processes with others.

Coaches and Health Care Professionals learn how to become adept at recognizing a client's situation and coach them to effectively uncover the forces at work in their personal and professional lives. Your clients will be empowered to move to lasting and positive change.

For those developing their coaching practice, learning these modalities serve as a powerful tool that can enhance your practice. The models are effective with individuals, couples, within a corporate settings, schools, hospitals and are universal in its appeal and application.

Conducted by Rose, The Mirror and The Spiral Alliance certification training's provide coaches with both the confidence and the legal right to use these processes with their own clients. Participants receive all background information, forms, and suggested coaching and learning frameworks required to incorporate this technique into their practice.

BIt is a requirement that all participants in either Certification Training first attend an Introduction workshop.

Please check out our Calendar and Registration information for the next workshop.

Our Calendar reflects workshops currently being scheduled in the Metro-DC area. If you would like to have a workshop conducted specifically for your company or organization, please contact Linda Rose at 301-530-9123 or e-mail her at workshops@intuitivecoaching.com.

Cost: $1200 each

"The depth and breadth of the material you have compiled and synthesized into user-friendly forms is astounding. More importantly, the fact that you are an example of what you teach is the real teaching. I am always more available to learn from a person who has integrated and continues to integrate what they teach."

K. Fimmel, PhD
Woodbridge, VA


"Rose is a highly effective facilitator and coach who creates a warm, safe and imaginative environment in which I gained confidence in my own abilities and acquired new perspectives to use in my own coaching practice."
H. McNeal, Coach
Bethesda, MD


"The best thing for me is that The Mirro Process can be adapted to fit any issue or situation. I know that I can now make this work my own."
R. Botnick, Yoga Instructor
Owing, MD

"Just keep coming home to yourself. You are the one you've been waiting for. "
Katie Bryon

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